We Are A Company of Passionate Designers, Developers, & Digital Marketers

We are all about speed and high-quality digital design and development service company for a monthly flat rate. We help business individuals worldwide with their daily requirements with fast turnaround time at affordable pricing.

Our Story


ExomeIT is a global creative design and development company providing hundreds of businesses and organizations with unlimited, high-quality design and development work at flat rates. Founded in Bangladesh, Dhaka by MD. Hasanur Rahman (Hasan). It’s pretty tough to get graphics designing, web designing, web development, and digital marketing in one place. ExomeIT was created with that core motive if you have a business and want to arrive online and leave a global level mark? Then take back and have a seat. ExomeIT will take care of your business root to leaf in every single possible way. We deliver reliable, affordable, and scalable creative design and development products to any business.

What We Offer

All you need to boost up your business in one place. Thinking about business? But afraid of how your targeted audience will concern about your business? Just take a seat and relax we’ll take care of your business from your brand root to leaf that you afraid of!


Graphic Design

For every shape and sizes business/non-profit organization, ExomeIT offers an Unlimited Graphic Design portal where all their day to day and monthly graphic design work happens.


Web Design

We design next-level websites by strategically combining user experience and brand storytelling. We do product landing pages, marketing sites, or UX UI for company portals.


Web Development

ExomeIT full‑stack web developers provide front‑end and back‑end fully responsive web development services working closely with our designers that feel at home on any device.


Bio Design

Scientists are overwhelmed by their work and a Graphical abstracts convey their literature message most effectively with allow people to decide whether they are interested in reading the whole paper.


Digital Marketing

To reach customers electronically and online, digital marketing tool plays a vital role in your company. T0 be competitive as a business owner, you’ll need to embrace some aspects of digital marketing.



At the moment, everything happens online. So, perhaps, you’ve decided to set up a website for your business or organization. And what if your website doesn’t appear to your targeted customers? Optimize your website now!

Our Values

ExomeIT is powered through our purposes: To change digital world through creativity. We are dedicated to helping others grow with our products, support, and resources.


We Are Friendly

Every interaction comes from a place of incorporation, understanding, sympathy, and honor. We aim for a high level of friendliness.


We Are Efficient

We are committed to constant development by holding our time, technology, and resources.


We Are Trustworthy

We work with sincerity and reliability at our core, and every decision we make (even when no one is looking for).


We Are Helpful

We want to help our customers to represent themselves better to meet their goals.


We Are Determined

We are always dedicated to our customers. We take responsibilities of our arrangements and grow from our mistakes.

Our Vision

ExomeIT is powered through our purposes: To change the digital world through creativity. We are dedicated to helping others grow with our products, support, and resources.

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Our Purposes

By day to day functioning, ExomeIT’s mission is to be the most helpful creative company globally. For Graphics Designing, Web Designing, Web Development, and Digital Marketing, it will be the first and best company to get all the products together. We are committed to accomplishing our mission through a three-pronged strategy:


01. Innovation and Creativity

Globally creative services, products, and careers.

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02. Unparalleled Quality

Original contents, dedicated minds, and passionate about passion.


03. Growth

Always keen to learn and hold ourselves accountable to learn from our mistakes.

Say Hi To ExomeIT Team


MD. Hasanur Rahman

Founder & CEO


Sarwar Zahan

Co-founder & COO


Tanjim Ishraq Rahaman



Asad Uz Zaman



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