Frequently Asked Questions

Does ExomeIT genuinely deliver unlimited services?

Aren’t unlimited services sounds cool?

Well, we are here for your help. Surely with our monthly unlimited plans, you’ll get unlimited services. you can add unlimited requests and we will try to get to them as soon as possible. Your designer/developer will work on one active design request at a time. After completing one request he will pick up the next request in the queue. For more information on the unlimited plan, you can check our pricing page.

What does really mean by Unlimited?

As we are really dedicated to you and your business, we provide unlimited services to grow your business. You can add unlimited requests for your company/business. We’ll try to get them as soon as possible. We’ll ensure you a dedicated designer/developer for your unlimited plan.

How does unlimited revisions work?

Your satisfaction is our first priority. Once your designer/developer delivers the product, you can add any corrections on your design and development queries, let us know, and we will fix them for you until you are delighted.

How does ExomeIT’s pricing model work?

ExomeIT offers various pricing models according to clients plans. You’ll find all the pricing models in our pricing page and you can choose the best one on the basis of your requirements. If you have some confusions, you can chat with us easily and hopefully we can help you to choose the right plans for you.

What does really mean by 14 days money back guarantee?

We believe that your satisfaction can make our work great. So, if you feel dissatisfied with our work, we’ll surely refund you. But it only works for the first 14 days from your date of placing your order. For more info regarding this, you can contact us through [email protected]

How does your 14 days money back guarantee feature work?

– This question sounds interesting!

If at any point within your first 14 days from the date of order, you are dissatisfied or feel that this model is not work for you and if you haven’t approved a work, then you will get a full refund; without being questions asked.

How much requests can I submit in a day?

Basically, in our pay per request plan, we promise one task a day. However, you can also opt for a different plan with a higher number of active requests. Please check out our pricing page for more information.

Can I purchase multiple service for multiple brands?

-Undoubtedly, you can purchase as much as service for your multiple brands. We’ll be delighted to help you in every possible way.

How does multi-requests work?

You can add as much as requests you want and we will try to get to them as soon as possible. Your designer/developer will work on one active design request at a time. After completing one request he will pick up the next request in the queue. This is how your requests will be done one by one. But in case of urgent multi-requests, we’ll get them at a time on demand.

How can I contact with my designer?

After purchasing a plan, you will get the contact info of your dedicated designer/developer and also your designer/developer will reach you soon according to your pricing model.

Which will be the best pricing model for my company?

Genuinely, it depends on you and your demand. But for a company, we’ll definitely suggest purchasing our Monthly Unlimited Plan. Because you’ll get the unlimited and best service in this plan.

Can I resell the work as an agency or Can I use ExomeIT for my clients?

Absolutely. You own all the rights to the designs created for you. Nothing will make us happier than seeing you excel in what you do.

Can I purchase custom services on the basis of my requirements?

Certainly, you can purchase custom services. You can mail us your requirements and we can offer you a suitable plan for your business.

How do I get my receipt?

When you confirm a plan and place your order, you’ll get the receipt through mail as soon as possible and you can also get the receipt in your dashboard. No worries.

How long does it take to complete a request?

It really depends on plans. We have multiple plans on the basis of your requirements. You can check our pricing page for more details on this.

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