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International Biotech Symposium 2021 is an international conference to be held from 13 th to 20 th February, 2021 hosted by the Community of Biotechnology. The symposium/conference will include scientists and respective individuals from all across the globe to discuss different aspects of biological sciences, and alongside, students will engage in numerous competitions in efforts to broaden their knowledge. This symposium aims to showcase achievements, research progress and new revolutions in the scientific world. The time range for the symposium is 19:00 PM till 23:59 PM Bangladesh Standard Time ( each day, from 13 th 20 th February,2021) Each speaker is given a 45 minute time range, including 30 minutes of virtual talk by the speaker followed by a 15 minute interactive question/answer session.


International Biotech Symposium 2021

Jan 5, 2021


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